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Plimus System Update – July 18, 2010

This Plimus service update V1.24 due for release on July 18th, 2010 contains service enhancements for Vendors and Affiliates.

Vendors benefit from the extended Instant Notification fields that will assist in identifying expiration dates on credit cards. BuyNow pages now include Korean text display, and a new Invoice Status tag can communicate payment process status.

This update also contains fixes and improvements to provide greater usability, security, and reliability for users of the Plimus control panel and online commerce application.

The next product release is scheduled for mid August.

Instant Notifications Extended to Include Expiration Date and last 4 Credit Card Digits

In response to Vendors’ requests, Instant Notifications can now be set to include the Credit Card Type, Expiration date and the last 4 credit card digits. This information will make it easier for Vendors deal with Customers’ credit card changes and card expiry. The relevant notification parameters for these additional fields are as follows:


Korean Now Included on BuyNow Page

As part of Plimus’ ongoing commitment global sales growth, Korean is now available on BuyNow pages.

New Invoice Status Tag

A new BuyNow page tag parameter is now available called ‘Invoice status’. The tag form can be used to show the status of a customer’s order on the Thank You or Last page of the BuyNow process and also on the ‘Return to URL’ redirect. The tag generates a short status message indicating whether the transaction is still being processed or has successfully been processed and is activated as shown below.

Updated Prohibited Items List

The Prohibited Items list has been updated to include clarifications about prohibited items, acceptable use and procedure in respect of DMCA policy. The new list can be view at

Plimus Blog

Catch up on the latest entries in the popular Plimus Blog. This week features the second part of our look at the dark side of the Web:

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