Comunicado StrictPay – 7 Jul. 2010

StrictPay Customer

In the next few days we will be releasing our much anticipated news update that everyone is waiting for. Our mass emails can take many hours to reach everyone, and therefore we felt it necessary to let everyone know that our news will be given to the two sites below as soon as it is available. You will still receive your copy of the email, but if you would like your news faster we recommend going to the sites below. We are not affiliated with either of these sites, and in return for them helping us get this news out quick we are giving them some free advertising on our login page to StrictPay for a few weeks.

Please bookmark these pages, and check them daily for the news that we will be releasing soon.  Your Platinum Funds said they will send an email as soon as they post the news so you might want to get added to their subscribers list.  Extreme Surfs said they will also post this information on their blog as soon as the news is made available to them.

We thank you for your continued support and as always we thank you for choosing StrictPay.

StrictPay Administration

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